How to Optimize Web Site Navigation

Make no mistake. The maximum magnificent looking and product-wealthy net web site will fail to convert traffic into paying clients if they may be unable to more fast and without problems locate what they’re looking for. There’s a whole lot of competition available. Develop and layout a web web site that’s clean to apprehend and use, and you may attract more than your honest percentage of traffic – traffic so as to return, and purchase, time and again. Fail on this, and the simplest one’s smiling can be your competitors.

How can we accomplish this? By using intuitive navigation techniques. Use them inside the improvement and layout of your internet site; then sit again as hordes of happy clients go back in your net business on a regular foundation. And you will find whilst advertising online, return business is your key to significant and convenient profits.

Ok, so what exactly is intuitive navigation – and how will we design it into our web website? I can inform you what it’s not. It is not flashy, creative designs that entertain and distinguish you from the opposite ‘dull’ internet web sites out there. Simply described, intuitive navigation implements a acquainted and regular appearance and sense across all the design elements of your web site. These factors encompass;


Your internet site menu – the table of contents if you’ll – that directs site visitors at some point of the diverse pages of your website online ought to be steady, and blanketed on each page. Websites that contain a menu on the home page most effective or sure pick pages on the internet website (and I’ve visible a long way too a lot of these), force visitors to apply the Back button (or click on the logo to return to the home page). The commonplace result, traffic do greater clicking and visitors wander off. And site visitors who wander off… Properly, ‘wander off’.

And for Pete’s sake, keep your menu style and placement consistent from web page to web page. Again, fancy and different equals confusion. Confusion equals frustration. And frustration equals ‘no sale’.

Site map:

Another useful internet site element, and one it’s missing in many commercial enterprise web sites, the website map is an internet web page that includes a hierarchical, pinnacle-down, prepared listing of all the sections, or pages, on your website. It’s a avenue map thru your net labyrinth, which can get you wherein you want to head greater immediately, that is, quicker (particularly to access hyperlinks). It can also make up for any layout ‘sins’ on your menu. And for many left brainers, like myself, it’s far on occasion the preferred path.

Subtitle index:

For those large pages on your web website, which require web page scrolling, it’s miles most advantageous to consist of subtitles to your reproduction, for clarity. Repeating these subtitles at the pinnacle of your web page, connected to the subtitle inside the replica, makes it easier for traffic to get entry to or return to those sections of the copy that maximum interest them.

Back to pinnacle link:

Again, for big pages on your internet web page, having ‘Back to pinnacle’ hyperlinks, among subtitles, or no less than the bottom of your page’s copy, allows visitors to return to the top of your net web page with one click on, without the need to scroll.

Text hyperlinks:

Whether it’s a menu object or different link all through your internet website, using easy and efficient textual content links is the favored navigation method in most times.

Yes, there may be an overabundance of fancy and superb buttons, pictures and rollovers to be had for navigating your internet website online. However, that is an area in which it’s miles aware to employ the well-known K.I.S.S. Approach for keeping matters simple. Text hyperlinks are a great deal quicker loading than pix. Now, for fast broadband net get admission to, the difference between text and image load may be negligible. However, there are nonetheless many capability customers out there nonetheless browsing on sluggish connections. For them, the difference may be large. So, till we are all at the equal connection page, you will do properly to house all visitors.

In addition, textual content navigation menus can make contributions relevant textual content for the engines like google, which picture navigation bars can not. And of course, text is regularly less difficult than an picture for know-how the cause of the hyperlink. Just recollect – at the web, and for your net business, it’s far constantly optimum to err on the facet of performance over impressiveness.

Page footer menu:

Ok, we’ve got our menu gadgets at the top (or aspect) of all our web pages. So, why might we need to copy them at the bottom of every web page? Well, in addition to offering your traffic with just every other, alternative, alternative for navigating your internet site, there are two times when putting your menu in your page footer is extra an vital, than a ‘high-quality to have’.

(1) If you insist on the use of photos in your fundamental menu gadgets, the inclusion of a textual content menu on the web page footer aids each reader viewability and knowledge, and guarantees that search engine spiders can see you.

(2) Placing your menu on a body is an smooth way to make certain that your menu gadgets stay constant and in sight, while you are scrolling via an extended internet web page. However, even though there are many benefits to using frames in your net site, there are negative aspects as well. Although more detail on the professionals and cons is fodder for any other article, allow’s just say there are numerous web websites that decide upon no longer to apply frames. In such instances, scrolling down a long page will even scroll your menu objects, on occasion out of sight. A page footer menu presents a convenient manner to get right of entry to these items without the need for scrolling lower back up the web page.

Containing an abundance of details, a context-wealthy internet website may be a dense, puzzling and intimidating jungle of statistics for internet site visitors. However, by means of using time-examined intuitive navigation strategies, you can turn capacity chaos (and lost customers) into a smooth and pleasant experience across the net superhighway.

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