Before You Redesign Your Web Site

It’s a familiar tale. Your Web website online became designed around the time when an upstart named Google turned into simply getting their foot within the door of the Search Engine market. At the time, it changed into a brilliant Web website online. It would possibly have even had a few cool new features like a few JavaScript rollovers or perhaps even a few Flash.

Unfortunately, instances change. Those picture rollovers that you used to assume had been progressive at the moment are horribly outdated and your competition appears to have redesigned their Web site about every 6 months because yours went stay several years in the past. It’s time to remodel.

It sounds like such a first-rate mission that it couldn’t in all likelihood go wrong, but believe me—the first-rate of intentions can once in a while result in highly-priced commercial enterprise errors. The entire remodel technique would take several of these articles to correctly give an explanation for, however I’d like to talk about my four simple policies to take into account BEFORE you begin the manner of a Web web site redesign:

1. Determine EXACTLY what you want out of your new Web website online and be realistic.
A Web web page redecorate challenge may be as massive or small as you need it to be. Some instances the written content might be first-rate and a freshening of the interface is all that’s in order. Other times a few Web packages might want to be evolved to take on-line orders or permit participants to log in.

No rely what making a decision you want, understand that everything which you do needs to accomplish your groups’ overall goals of increasing sales and retaining current clients. Anything out of doors of this might no longer be vital.

Also, don’t be afraid to do things in levels. A lot of my Web design customers do things this way because it lets in them to awareness on instant wishes first. For example, a purchaser may have very terrible Search Engine rankings due to the fact their old Web web site turned into poorly evolved and their tags are not any excellent. But they also need user forums in which their clients can talk and ask questions. We would possibly do 2 phases for a challenge like this. The first might get their Web web page updated with the state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization strategies, and once that is executed and the Search Engines are re-indexing their pages, we will expand the opposite features that they need on their web page, inclusive of the member boards.

2. Choose a Designer wisely.
Choosing the proper Web clothier is manifestly a huge a part of your Web web site redesign venture. Even massive companies with a innovative department will outsource this task to an out of doors company a number of the time. The right Web clothier will display creativity, however may also be sensitive to the context in which their designs are going to be viewed.

For instance, for a highly-priced regulation firm in Manhattan, a singing, dancing lively character, finished in Flash, could not be the right way to go. Make certain that the Web fashion designer has made paintings that suits the consumer’s persona and vision, and not the alternative manner around.

A lot of clients that come to my company inquiring about a Web remodel need to peer simplest paintings this is in THEIR enterprise. I suppose that finding a fashion designer that ‘is aware of’ your industry is a legitimate one, although a GOOD designer will placed the time and effort to examine an industry. To me, it’s greater crucial that someone has the sensitivity and expertise in an effort to work with ANY enterprise. Some instances firms specializing in simplest one industry begin to be afflicted by ‘tunnel imaginative and prescient’ or in all likelihood even lose their creativity altogether because they’re now not challenged with studying new things.

Either manner, taking an intensive look at a Web Designer’s portfolio will let you know plenty. And you would possibly need to call some references as well.

three. Don’t deliver in to fads and eye sweet.
As a Web Designer, it is my activity to hold up with the contemporary and best software, plugins, developments and layout thoughts. While some of those are wonderful tools, with each task that I address, I want to ask myself: “Does this tool—as cool because it looks—accomplish what the client desires to accomplish?” A lot of times it does, a few instances it doesn’t. For example, I am a proponent of Flash due to the quantity of interactivity and hobby that it is able to add to a static Web web page. But it handiest works when it’s miles used properly and whilst it fits with the rest of the Web site. There are a few instances whilst animation, sound or video will just NOT paintings.

four. Remember why you’re doing it in the first vicinity.
You are remodeling your Web web page due to the fact your enterprise desires to increase income and maintain cutting-edge customers. If every unmarried feature of your new Web website online does no longer contribute to that, you need to rethink why you’re doing it. It’s not sufficient to just have a facelift each on occasion. A accurate Web web page redesign can be steeply-priced and except it is immediately contributing to the increase of your organization, you may easily placed your marketing finances to better use.

The first-class Web website online redesigns are the ones that take a enterprise’s thoughts and vision and portray it in a way this is appealing, smooth to use and remarkable. The features you add to your Web website online that truly advantage your capacity clients and contemporary customers

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