Log File Analysis and SEO

By | February 10, 2019

in case you very own or control a internet site, you are likely already aware of the
importance of your log documents or web site facts. Such records can give you insights
about your web page’s usability, mistakes for your HTML code, the recognition of your
website online pages and the kind of visitors your site attracts. however did you already know it is able to
also spotlight the fulfillment or failure of your seo
marketing campaign?

there is precise facts about your net website online that you have to be searching at in
your log files on a normal basis. several variables need to be examined monthly
or even weekly to ensure your web page design and page optimization is at the proper

1. entry Paths

maximum web sites may be advanced and analysed around the concept of traveller
pathways. If, as an instance, your website online is a enterprise to business (B2B) web site and
you provider small, medium and large businesses, there need to be pathways thru
your website designed for each elegance of tourist. a very simplified instance
would be:

customers coming to the web site through an optimized domestic web page:

home web page —> small business web page —> order page —> order affirmation
web page
domestic page —> medium enterprise web page —> order web page —> order confirmation page

home page —> massive enterprise page —> order page —> order affirmation page

The website online access pages for those pathways are regularly optimized home pages or
optimized content pages. The very last page of this path is often the action that
you need clients to take for your web site (e.g., sign up to your publication, buy
your merchandise on-line or touch you for similarly information). you can without problems
determine how effective your pathways are via tracking the entry paths on a
everyday basis via your web site stats.

You must have a few concept of the primary pathways that customers take thru your
website online, each for tracking the effectiveness of your page optimization and
conversions, and for the purpose of subsequent website online redecorate(s). an amazing beginning
point to song the pathways via your website online is thru the graph or chart called
“entry Paths” for your log documents / website online records.

2. pinnacle go out Pages

these are pages from which most traffic click on away from your website online. Why is it
useful to tune those? due to the fact go out pages can let you know:

a. If there may be a technical trouble with the page that is inflicting traffic to
go away your web site. for instance, if there are broken hyperlinks, or the form at the web page
is not working well and so forth.

b. if your web site layout is breaking the strategic pathway, for example, you
may have hyperlinks to external websites which might be inducing customers to click on away earlier than
shopping for your product or signing up to your newsletter.

c. If there may be some thing on those pages that is encouraging traffic to depart
your website. for example, an unprofessional design or perplexing format.

on your log files / web page statistics, the graph or chart referred to as “top exit
Pages” is the region to learn why site visitors are leaving your site.

unmarried get admission to Pages

these are entry pages which are considered once before the vacationer clicks away
out of your web page. just like pinnacle go out Pages, unmarried get entry to Pages can inform you a
lot about why people aren’t staying for your website online for lengthy.

Have a near look at the search phrases used to locate your web site. unmarried get admission to
Pages can frequently suggest that your goal search terms are too wide. For
instance, you may be getting loads of site visitors via focused on “printer cartridges”
but in case you best stock a selected logo of cartridge, then human beings looking for other
brands are not going to find what they virtually are searching for while they arrive at your web site
so they will depart immediately. this may be resolved by using narrowing down your
seek terms to be more focused and focused for your area of interest merchandise and
services, for instance, by way of converting “printer cartridges” to “HP printer
cartridges” and so forth.

to look what pages of your website online are considered once, look for the graph or chart
referred to as “unmarried get right of entry to Pages” for your log documents / site facts.

four. most asked web page(s) and pinnacle access Pages.

tracking those pages is prime to measuring the fulfillment of your search engine optimization campaign. If
your optimization is effective, the top entry Pages and most asked Pages
ought to be those that you have optimized for target keywords. The top entry Pages
are in particular relevant as you do not forget the pathways through your website. Do the
maximum famous access pages have any relationship to the begin pages for your
plotted traveler pathways? Or are site visitors coming into and navigating your web site through
ways you didn’t intend? you could use this records to usually tweak your
web page optimization to guide site visitors to the right pathways.

to see your maximum asked pages, look for the graph or chart titled “maximum
asked Pages” in your log documents / site facts. also look for “top access

5. page refreshes

Why are traffic refreshing pages for your website online? Are the pages now not loading
nicely? The “web page Refreshes” variable is every other one to display on a month-to-month
foundation thru your site stats to make certain that there are not website usability issues for

6. Referring domains and Referring URLs

where are your site visitors coming from? Are they coming from web sites that are
related to yours? Are blog authors or discussion board individuals speakme approximately your web page?
Referring domains will inform you what websites are linking to yours, at the same time as Referring
URLs will listing the actual pages wherein the hyperlinks are positioned. these can be little
gold mines due to the fact you may often find valuable sources of traffic through links to
your website online which you didn’t even recognize existed.

In terms of an search engine optimization marketing campaign, these hyperlinks can all add on your site’s universal
hyperlink reputation, an essential component within the ranking algorithms of many search
engines, particularly Google. tracking those metrics can inform you if your website online
requires a hyperlink-building marketing campaign or assist you measure the effectiveness of
various online and offline advertising campaigns.

on your log files / site records, look for the graph or chart titled
“Referring domain names” and “Referring URLs”.

7. search Engine Referrals

How many of your traffic are coming at once from search engines like google? What
percent of typical visitors does this represent? This is a great variable to
tune that will help you hold up with how many search engines are list your website online
(each free submission and paid submissions), how much visitors they convey and
whether to resume your paid submissions. it may additionally tell you whether you want to
boom the number of search engines your website online is submitted to which will
construct for your link recognition. As a a very tough manual, you have to be receiving
at the least 30 percentage of your website visitors via search engine referrals.

to look search engine referrals, look for a chart or graph known as “search
Engines” within your site statistics.

eight. search terms

This subject matter is associated with search engine referrals commonly, but offers introduced
perception into what phrases you have been absolutely discovered for within the engines like google. Do
those phrases match what your website online turned into optimized for? Are there any surprising
terms that you may want to develop website online content material for? some log document evaluation
programs will even ruin down what unique terms your web site became discovered for in
which specific engines like google. The more designated the facts you have got, the extra
closely you may tweak your optimization marketing campaign to your particular market.

to peer the hunt terms your website became discovered for, search for “search phrases”
or “seek terms through “seek Engine”.

nine. touchdown pages for Pat-according to-click Campaigns, and so forth.

if you run a pay-per-click on marketing campaign or dedicate specific pages to advertising
product specials, you can use special landing pages or tracking ids to display
your traffic and conversions. Your website logs let you song those by means of displaying
you how many traffic they each had and what they did once they visited those

10. Metric values that display an intensive change from growing traits

Any website metrics that display a dramatic alternate from one month to the following ought to
pin-point a trouble along with your web page or along with your optimization campaign. For
example, if your seek engine referrals have dropped dramatically, it can
suggest which you had been penalized in a seek engine (or more than one).
Noticing converting traits early offers you the hazard to research problem regions
and make changes if essential.

Please word that each one log document analysis and placement records applications are
one-of-a-kind and use slightly unique phrases to explain the metrics listed above.
in case you’re confused, ask your website admin or website hosting provider to highlight those
for you.

recall, your log files are gold mines full of nuggets of information
about your optimized internet site. if you hold digging on a regular foundation, you will
ultimately strike it wealthy with fulfillment.

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